When Life Gives You Lemons….

Spring here in the Northeast has been a bit of a lemon this year; as in it really hasn’t happened yet. In April we still are dealing with snow and cold temperatures. How to cope? I recommend indulging in all things citrus. Eating-drinking citrus, wearing citrus colors, and of course decorating with these colors. Maybe it’s because nothing really tastes better on a warm day than a cold glass of Lemonade!

Consider these ideas to put yourself in a warm state of mind:

Fresh Orange and Lime drink combinations.

Cook with citrus in new ways. Scallops and orange; yum!

Hard to feel cold wearing these bright hues!


Lastly, incorporate a little citrus color in your home design, the next best thing to a little sunshine. Hope these ideas help you get through this very cold spring!

Early Fall in July?

Just this week I went to Target to pick up some planters for my patio. Imagine my surprise when the home and garden section had been replaced with back to school items! Really? And the same day my much loved Williams Sonoma Home magazine arrived for “Early Fall 2017.”  My calendar says we are more or less in the third week of summer! I am all for planning ahead, but let’s enjoy today and all this beautiful season has to offer!

Interior design in summer is all about keeping it simple.  Some of the best ways to celebrate summer inside your home is to lighten up.  Put the area rugs away.  Or better yet have them cleaned and stored till October.



Next, window treatments.  Same as rugs – time to take any heavy treatments down and just leave the blinds or shades.  Better yet, add some soft linen panels and  let all the summer breezes flow!




Lastly – Flowers

Fresh flowers are the best part of summer.  Be sure to have some in at least one or two rooms.  Of course it is a little extra work, but nothing will say welcome summer like fresh flowers!




So enjoy summer and let’s wait at least until mid August to embrace “Early Fall.”





You Say Minimalism, …I Say Maximalism…?

Ok, truth be told, I appreciate both.  Last year, I read and blogged about The More of Less, a great book by Joshua Becker about the joys of Minimalism.  It really inspired me! Recently I watched a great documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, which I highly recommend!  It runs just a little over an hour, you can find it on Netflix.  As a result of this documentary, I am editing yet again; it must be a Spring thing!

However, anyone who knows me would probably not think “Minimalist”.  I always tell my friends minimalism means different things to different people.  Some people might think 6 pairs of shoes is excessive, some may think 6 is the bare minimum.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

Yet, Maximalism in design is on the rise!  Interiors are definitely becoming more layered and colorful.  Maximalism’s motto is “more is more”.  I am ok with this idea, but just remember there is a big difference between maximalism and clutter!  Be careful!  A successful Maximalist room is well planned, with special attention to mixing patterns , colors, and styles.
Here are some of my favorite minimalist and maximalist rooms:


Manual 17




How would you describe your decorating, more minimalist or maximalist?  I would love to know!


First Impressions

Often the first impression of a space can be deceiving.  Rooms with lots of vertical height and natural light appear bigger.  There is a big difference between actual square footage and visual square footage. Some very large rooms can seem quite small because of dark color selections, large scale furniture, busy patterns, and clutter.

On the other hand, small rooms can appear to be much larger with the use of a light color pallet, smaller scaled furniture, minimal  pattern, and the absence of clutter.

If you are looking to make a small room appear larger here are a few tips:

1. Take advantage of natural light. Use sheer or translucent window treatments:


Hunter Douglas

2.  Mirrors will reflect light and large scale mirrors will visually double your space:


3.  Whenever possible use all of the vertical space available.  Hang window treatments close to the ceiling, use tall bookcases and armoires.


Height = Feeling of Space

4.  Keep sofas and chairs from appearing bulky with open and/or raised legs:


Exposed Furniture Legs

5.  Glass tables visually take up less space:

img_3308Glass Tables

6.  Keep color pallet neutral as unified colors expand a space.



7.  Layer lighting to expand lighting possibilities and define spaces:


8.  Use round dining tables rather than square or rectangular as corners take up space:


Round Tables

9.  Keep collections to a minimum – stay away from small accessories as they can look cluttered:


Accessories should be larger than a grapefruit!


10.  Zero clutter:


Keep it Simple

Welcome to living large in a small space 🙂