Today is the big day for the royal wedding. It will be starting a little early for me, but wishing those kids all the best!  I look forward to seeing the photos, etc.

Let me go on the record as saying I love weddings. The celebration of the blending of lives and families is so sweet. Weddings are the true exclamation point to a commitment and clearly marks a new beginning.

Aside from this lovely sentiment, what I love the most about weddings are the flowers.  How I adore them!  Traditionally, hundreds of years ago, they were used to perfume the air and cover up any unpleasant smells from guests.  Yes, not so long ago Saturday was bath day, so naturally a good day for a wedding celebration. But I digress.

Wedding flowers set the mood for the celebration, identity key participants (naturally!) and emphasize the color scheme.

As someone who lives in a 150 year old home, I like a vintage feel:

Landon Jacob

What does this have to do with an interior design blog?  The same way flowers emphasize the color scheme of a wedding, flowers can emphasize the color scheme of your home.

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Chillin Time

It’s that magical time of year when we need to get our hands into the good earth and plant wonderful flowers and vegetables. My garden was fairly well established until the happiest woodchuck I have ever seen racked havoc on my beautiful garden.  As a result a lot of TLC is needed to bring it back.  But also a good opportunity to incorporate some changes.  By change I mean less flowers and a large hammock.  I am thinking less work and more relaxing!

I don’t have the luxury of two big trees, but a hammock stand will suffice:


I have narrowed it down to these choices (all available at




What is it about a hammock, is it the simplicity of the design?  The way it cradles and rocks us?  Is it the way it clearly states it’s chill time?

But here is the real question, a single or a double?

Happy Relaxing!



Yours, Mine, and Ours

So you are moving in together, how wonderful!  However, it can be challenging agreeing on what stays and what goes.  Design style for a couple can be a tricky endeavor.  One of my favorite scenes from “When Harry met Salley” revolves around the wagon wheel coffee table:

I especially love this quote:

“Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but they couldn’t possibly all have good taste”. – Marie

So, it’s not going to be easy.  You know this, but I am here to help!  Here is my fail proof guide to combining two households:

First, pack and purge – essential for any move.


Inventory what’s left.  Compare inventory lists as some duplicates don’t make sense – how many food processors, mixers, and blenders does one home need? (The answer is one)

Take measurements of your space and make a floor plan. You can do it old school and use graph paper (one 1/4″ square equals one foot). Or use one of the many room planning sites on line.


Now the hard part, compromise. What if you both love your sofa and your bed and there is only room for one. Two very important must haves. First, I recommend  the one that fits the space best. If all things are equal I would go with the higher quality pieces and then work around them.

Now comes the fun part, mix it up and be fair, one personality should not dominate. Think like with like; Brass photo frames together, collections grouped by color, etc.



Next make an “ours” list and prioritize the purchases that you will make together, this is the most fun, as it will reflect your tastes as a couple.

Lastly, pull it together with a great new color scheme. That pink chair might look very edgy with orange walls!


Above all, please don’t keep or buy a wagon wheel coffe table … ever!