Care to Hygee?

Funny how you can live your whole life and never hear a certain word, then out of the blue it seems you are hearing it everywhere.  In fact you realize the bookstore has whole display tables on the subject.  How could I have missed this you may ask?  In my case the word is “Hygee”.

Here is how it started.  I was at a Christmas party last month when a friend mentioned she was visiting Copenhagen and looking forward to hygeeing.  Excuse me? I said.  She then explained it was a lovely custom of spending a relaxed time with friends and enjoying the simple pleasures of the season.  And just in case I am not the last person on the planet to know this word and/or custom, here is Wikipedia’s take on Hygee:

Hygee is a Danish and Norwegian word with a unique definition. “Hygge” as a noun includes a feeling, a social atmosphere, and an action.  The word is also used in compositions such as “Julehygge” (Christmas-hygge). “Hygge” is also a verb, e.g. “Lets hygge”; and as an adjective, e.g. “A small, hyggeligt house with grass on the roof.”  

The noun “Hygge” includes something nice, cozy, safe and known, referring to a psychological state. “Hygge” is a state where all psychological needs are in balance.

Sounds lovely right?  Interested in what it takes to have the full Hygee experience?

Here is the short list:

A fire, the bigger the better.



Candles, lots!


Friends and loved ones.


Cozy blankets and comfy chairs.



Lots of warm sweaters and soft flannel.



Delicious comfort food.


Enthuastic cooks.


And wine, lots of wine.

So there you have it.  A simple plan to make it through a cold February.

BTW Hygee parties are becoming all the rage.  Any ideas for a good play list?


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